The Battle for Time and Attention: 5 Tips to Improve Mobile Engagement

Great customer experiences are essential for today's B2C brands. And with the majority of that experience taking place on mobile channels, a lot of success metrics are open rates, click through rates, and conversion. 

But the rules of mobile engagement have changed.

Barry Nolan CSO at Swrve discusses the new rules of mobile engagement, and how brands can leverage this to add even more value to the customer experience.

Watch the session ondemand to learn:

  • Why push open rates are lower than ever—and brands can leverage this to create value
  • Why measuring your app’s value by app open and click is wrong, and how to better understand and harness the metrics that matter
  • And how should brands be using mobile data in other channels to add relevance, context, and ultimately super personalization?

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“Swrve’s real-time behavioral analytics, dynamic segmentation, and localized personalization all operate simultaneously and at exceptional speed and scale. That alone has given our team the flexibility and agility needed to speak to players and take relevant action exactly when and where it counts for our bottom line.”

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Maxim Kirilenko
Chief Development Director | Playrix