Discover how Swrve gains tomorrow’s market share for leaders at Sony, Playrix, Tilting Point, Vivid Games, and other leading mobile gaming companies with enterprise-grade targeting, triggering, and 1:1 multi-channel messaging across millions of players in real time.

Presenter: Patrick Grogan (VP of Product Marketing)
Hosted by: Sumit Agarwal (Senior Solutions Consulting Director)
Date and time: February 12, 2020  8:30am PST/11:30am EST

In this live demo you'll see:

  • how to optimize every level of live operations through superior A/B testing and enterprise-grade targeting with Swrve
  • how to confidently scale personalized communications confidently over millions of players in real time
  • how to boost revenues and exceed KPIs using Swrve’s contextual personalization, behavior-based segmentation, enterprise-grade triggering, and more—all built to deliver intelligent, 1:1 interactions and act on new insights with real-time precision

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