A $45 Billion Gaming Opportunity that Requires No User Growth


According to Sensor Tower, consumers spent a total of $45 billion on mobile games through the App Store in fiscal 2020.

Apple earns a 30% commission on all App Store purchases, so their gaming commission is an estimated $13.5 billion, or about 5% of Apple’s overall sales that year of $275 billion. This $13.5 billion is pure profit.

Swrve was built for mobile games to engage players, optimize gameplay, and drive in-app purchases, and some of the world's largest games studios and publishers use Swrve to do exactly that today.

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  • How games can create in-app purchases that avoid Apple's 30% commission
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  • How to use player data and AI to drive engagement and retention to your game

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Key Takeaways

A/B Testing

Why game publishers will be heavily investing in A/B testing the design and copy of purchase options.


Localization and personalization will have a massive impact on in-app purchases.

In-app Purchases

Friction-free experiences will encourage players to purchase from your brand.

“Swrve’s real-time behavioral analytics, dynamic segmentation, and localized personalization all operate simultaneously and at exceptional speed and scale. That alone has given our team the flexibility and agility needed to speak to players and take relevant action exactly when and where it counts for our bottom line.”

playrix_maxim kirilenko
Maxim Kirilenko
Chief Development Director | Playrix