Contextual CX—Driving Growth by Mining the Customer Lifecycle on Mobile

According to McKinsey, most marketers spend 88% of their budgets on branding and user acquisition, while just 12% goes to post-acquisition strategies like
engagement and retention.

This emphasis on acquisition has blindsided many brands who have failed to adjust to new technologies that have enabled a shift in power to the consumer. It’s now faster and easier than ever before for customers to switch brands, no matter what industry.

The data backs this up: after 90 days, the average churn on mobile apps is 80%, and across all digital channels only 20% of users return for a second purchase.

In this guide, our customer engagement specialists have pulled together real strategies that they have seen work in the field that will make every interaction count towards your bottom line.

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About Swrve

Swrve is the leading mobile marketing and customer experience platform helping leading enterprises connect with their mobile-first customers to create lasting and valuable relationships.

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1.4 billion app instances

1.4 Billion App Instances

Swrve is currently deployed in 1.4 billion app instances.

20 billion interactions

20 M Daily Interactions

Swrve captures and processes 20 million customer behaviors each day.

3x engagement

3x Increase in Engagement

Swrve typically increases engagement by 3x for brands across industries.

Seamless integration

Seamless Integrations

Swrve's integrates with virtually all engagement stacks.