Over one-quarter of current OTT video service subscribers have cancelled an OTT video service in the past year.

Consolidation has begun in earnest in the crowded US OTT video services marketplace, as consumers become more selective of their subscriptions. Services large and small are seeking the best approaches to acquire customers, design services, and manage churn.

Yet several pitfalls exist that can short-circuit a company’s efforts.

This webcast identifies the top five mistakes that OTT providers can make when planning, designing, and deploying their services. Speakers discuss strategies for companies to avoid these challenges related to churn, marketing, and content and service offerings.

Benefits of attending:

  • Lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful services
  • Key issues that many OTT services overlook
  • Potential obstacles that can inhibit growth
  • Understanding buying, churn, and viewing behaviors of today’s consumers
  • Ways to drive successful service growth