Enterprise Data Silos: Lost in the Cloud? 

Argyle and Swrve Explore the Future of Marketing Innovation

Enterprise data silos are preventing marketing, customer support, and sales teams from delivering value to customers in real time. The culprit: cloud network blind spots

Marketing and customer experience executives have long relied on the cloud systems to house, access, and share data. But as Internet of Things (IoT) devices continue to evolve, a vast amount of data is being generated on the edge of many networks. The real path to saving time and cutting costs lies in the next generation of data management and customer engagement: edge computing. 

In this whitepaper, Argyle researchers detail what enterprises are losing with traditional clouds, and explore the benefits of next-generation, edge computing systems. You’ll learn:

  • How clouds limitations hinder modern customer engagement and experiences 
  • How global teams can stay ahead with past, present, and predictive data
  • What edge computing does to create real-time value for customers
  • How next-generation platforms amplify revenue-driven campaigns


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