5 Campaigns that Drive Revenues in Mobile Games

72% of all mobile revenue in 2020 was generated by games and is an estimated $81 billion.

The vast majority of games now operate on the freemium model. Users download and play mobile games for free, in the hope they can be persuaded to spend later—or at least view a few in-game adverts. 

In other words, if you are in games, your business depends on engaging, retaining and monetizing app users. Failure is not an option

On the other hand, the rewards are great. Leading games organizations have built multi-billion dollar businesses on the back of mastering the sort of techniques we will discuss in this eBook

They understand that it’s not (only) about the game. It’s about the customized, personalized experiences, the targeted campaigns, and the intelligent interactions that ensure first-time players become long term customers. 

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About Swrve

Swrve works with some of the world’s largest mobile games studios and developers to optimize gameplay, and turn players into payers.

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1.4 billion app instances

1.4 Billion App Instances

Swrve is currently deployed in 1.4 billion app instances.

20 billion interactions

20 M Daily Interactions

Swrve captures and processes 20 million customer behaviors each day.

3x engagement

3x Increase in Engagement

Swrve typically increases engagement by 3x for brands across industries.

Seamless integration

Seamless Integrations

Swrve's integrates with virtually all engagement stacks.